Welcome to Stager

Stager is a system for aggregating and presenting network statistics. Stager is generic and can be customized to present and process any kind of network statistics. The backend collects data and stores reports in a database, automatically handling the aggregation of hourly statistics into days, weeks, and months. The Web frontend presents data in tables, matrices, or plots. The reports are fully customizable, and their definitions are stored in an XML file.

In the current release the following backends are supported:

  • NetFlow based on Nfdump
  • Qflow an IPFIX implementation that adds several new QoS attributes

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Our production installation of Stager as frontend to our NetFlow data is available here. Reports including IP Addresses are not public available, neither is the Transport Layer Port distribution report. This means that the online demo only contains a subset of available reports. To test the remaining reports, you will need to install your own version of Stager.


Development version

  • svn co


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